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Lovely embroiderie, it’s being exhibited in hampshire until the 27th August, event details on the following link

Exhibiting with Luca is Sally, I really love the mix of the very technical painting with the quirky fun elements in the pieces.

I used to work with Luca at Saatchi’s, he emailed me last week to tell me about his latest exhibition. I knew he was really into his art but now I can see he has a really wonderful talent. Really amazing pieces. Take a look at the rest of his work

Lovely illustrations by Essy May

I met up with Alisa today, I love her work. I think she has a great energy in her shots and they have such personality. I think it is a great skill to bring out the best in people and make them feel at ease in front of the camera, Alisa clearly does this.

Lovely portraits by Joe Mcgorty

I love this shoot, it’s so epic and glamorous

It’s all gone a bit fashion this morning, this is the latest painting from Nathaniel inspired by the latest couture range by Worth. Wonderfully surreal and so amazingly painted.

I don’t often come across fashion illustrators that I like, they quite often feel very obvious to me. But I love these simple and suggestive illustrations. I think they are beautiful.

As seen on ‘The cool hunter’