Archives for the month of: July, 2012

I’ve been looking for fashion photographers today, I remembered Jermaine who I’d met years ago. Anyway his work is amazing and I still really love it.

I bumped into Gemma a couple of weeks ago and it reminded me how much I like her work, it has such a great look, I love the retro feel to her work, everything is always styled perfectly.

Beautiful illustrations by Christina, I love all the details in the line work.

Amazing reportage shots

Very striking portraits by Jonatan Kristjan



Some landscapes from Rebecca

I was shown the work of Rebecca Hoppe by a dancing friend of mine, she had been shot by her. The images were beautiful. Here are a selection of her images


The North Sea from above, impressionistic aerial views of the Wadden Sea world heritage sight. Really beautiful and seen on the ‘go see’ website

Beautiful shots by Julia