Archives for the month of: March, 2012

Nathaniel contacted me about his painting this week, I really like it, thought it very Edward Hopper like but with a quirky edge. Beautifully painted.

I think this work by Astrid Atihuta is the most beautiful illustration I have seen for a while. Be sure to look at her website, it’s full of amazing beautifully crafted works.

I had the pleasure of working with CamilleĀ  when I was at Saatchi & Saatchi, shes a very talented artist. I love this latest series of works, ‘Snow White’, Alices adventures in wonderland’ and The magic bottle, so dark and so magicalĀ

A wonderfully mistic set of images called ‘Days lost’ by Katja Mayer.

I love these images by Ruth Ferrier they have a lovely innocent quality.

I came across this image of parliament by Giulia Zaniol, after looking at the rest of her site i was spoilt for choice, her printmaking is so beautiful.

For this post I was inspired by an Art Nouveau programme that I watched this week, these two images are old favourites of mine. Peter behrens ‘the kiss’ and a poster by Koloman Moser.