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NPG x14079; Dame Margot Fonteyn by Cecil Beaton fonteyn-beaton screen-shot-2012-03-19-at-18-33-29

I looked through my Cecil Beaton book this weekend and then came across these images of Margot Fonteyn. I love that they are very natural shots of her as many shots of Fonteyn are so posed.

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I Really love this series called ‘Caravan Park’ by David Emery, beautiful and magical. His brothel series is also stunning, have a look on his website.

rankin rankin1

Love these new shots by Rankin, always a fan of his work.

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albert giordan

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Fab new shots by Mitch Payne, very bold and surreal.

jade walsh

Lovely use of illustration and photography by Jade Walsh from her ‘Geek lates’ series


Love this shot by Jonathan


I’m reading about Coco Chanel at the moment and came across this lovely drawing by Jean Cocteau.


kelly1 kelly2 kelly3 kelly4

I came across this artist whilst trying to work out how to create 40’s hair, funny how you come across things! These are from a series titled ‘date night’ I just love them, a lovely idea and a great retro look.