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Amazing illustrations, really beautufully abstract in look, a great sense of fashion and amazing line work.

Minni_Havas_dree_poster Minni_Havas_monki Minni_Havas_WAD Minni_Havas_fashion1 Minni_Havas_LC

Another big favourite of mine is Minni, I absolutely love her work.

Jack_Hughes_Detrich_TH Jack_Hughes_Woman_TH

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Marianne was my absolute favourite illustrator of the day, I thought it really original, beautifully technical and a very cool vibe. Have a look at the rest of her work here..

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Moa Bartling




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I also really liked this photographer..

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I really like the way Andreas captures the moment, his work has a real honesty about it

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I also really loved Lonneke Van der Palen

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I went to ‘Le Book’ connections  today great event which  showcases talent in the creative world. I thought I would share my favourite photographers and illustrators  that I spotted today. Elza Jo was my favourite photographer, I thought her work was really fresh and alive. You can see more here…