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I like the way Dans work brings a smile to your face, it’s always vibrant and fun.

Will Robson-Scott shoots behind the scenes at the Harpers Bazaar cover shoot of Kate Winslet

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Love the filmic quality of these shots

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Beautiful bursts of colour for a cold day!

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Shadow sculptures

”Diet Wiegman creates these sculptures by arranging piles of rubbish which, when lit in a special way, result in producing a perfect shadow of Michael Jackson, Michelangelo’s David or other persons and objects on the wall. He has been working with this unique art form since he finished his studies in 1965. Wiegman received international recognition for his installations which has been copied by others throughout the years. With his art he creates a world of illusion and reality that invites the viewer to look at so-called ordinary objects and situations in a different way”

As seen on iGNANT

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as seen on ‘A new hype’

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Loving these illustrations inspired by cameo brooches and botanics