Archives for the month of: June, 2012

I love Shamils project ‘Encore’ of artists that have just come off stage. They all look so worn out but at the same time quite wired. Great idea for a series, you can see them all here

Excuse the poor quality of picture, I took a shot of this on my camera phone, I liked these graphic illustrations which were carefully put together shapes of paper, difficult to appreciate on this image though, sorry!

This photographer caught my eye at the photography show today

Also liked these paintings by Jacob Eaton

I went to the Camberwell degree shows today and thought they were really very good, here are some of my favourites from the illustration show.

I came across this artist while trying to decipher what a rather large triffid looking plant in my garden was! Anyway it turned out to be a teasel as featured in one of these really beautiful prints.

Photographs from a shoot for wired magazine using a large format camera, amazing group shot.

These paintings by artist David Lyle are a wonderful play on past and present, bringing the both together with clever wit. A really wonderful series. see the rest on his website.

I’m loving these new shots by Joe, a bit of sun, colour and glamour, could do with a bit of that at the moment!

Lovely series by Franck Allais