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I met the Author of the ‘London Art and Artists guide’ last week. After looking at the accompanying website I found these artists that I really like, they are the singh twins.  To see more of their work have a look on their website

and for more information on the ‘London Art and Artists guide’ have a look at this link

you can buy a copy here….

flowers-pattern cacti-constilation NEPTUNES-FORTRESS spacejunkpattern robot-flowers BIG-WOMAN-

Beautiful work by Essy May

sunil2 sunil1

Fab new pieces by Sunil Pawar

Stenram_Eva_02_vignette Stenram_Eva_03_vignette Stenram_Eva_01_vignette

I’ve just been looking at this years entries for the Hyeres festival and really love these shots by Eva Stenram.

Pastel Potrait II copy Pastel Potrait III Pastel Potrait I

I’m loving these mixed media pieces by Joe Cruz, as spotted on ‘Hunger TV’

Snakes and Ladders rapture8 The Involuted Explicator P=mv

Amazing pieces by James Roper

elia06 elib17 elib20 elib16

Beautiful bursts of colour for a cold day!

Shadow-Dancing05a scan2 Shadow-Dancing06 Shadow-Dancing10

Shadow sculptures

”Diet Wiegman creates these sculptures by arranging piles of rubbish which, when lit in a special way, result in producing a perfect shadow of Michael Jackson, Michelangelo’s David or other persons and objects on the wall. He has been working with this unique art form since he finished his studies in 1965. Wiegman received international recognition for his installations which has been copied by others throughout the years. With his art he creates a world of illusion and reality that invites the viewer to look at so-called ordinary objects and situations in a different way”

As seen on iGNANT

snow5 snow4 snow2

as seen on ‘A new hype’