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I always love Joes portraits, this Wonderful one is of bespoke tailor Timothy Everest

tim1 tim2 tim3 tim4

Fab shoot by Tim for ‘New Era’


15-sarah-college-st andrew-rooftop-(clean) 19-prague 22-adrien 08-sarah-killarney

Matthews website has so many lovely shots, it was very hard to choose which ones to put on my blog.

0121_2117 0121_1660~0121_1657 0121_1669 0121_1684~0121_1662 0121_1964

Lovely work from Jasons Beauty folio

Snakes and Ladders rapture8 The Involuted Explicator P=mv

Amazing pieces by James Roper

vincent1 vincent2 vincent3 vincent4 vincent5 vincent6 vincent7

Lovely series ‘Blackout’ by Vincent Skoglund