Archives for the month of: January, 2012

Fab croched art by Kate Jenkins.

I love the type within these illustrations

Timothy is based in NY, his ideas and lighting are really inspiring.

Great to see a set of polaroids, I love the honesty of polaroids and the sense of fun.

Just indulging myself with this beautiful old shot of Anna Pavlova as ‘the dying swan’

The retro feel of these images is great, love the colour palette and unusual viewpoints.


I love these beautifully delicate plant photographs by Rachel Warne fab shots by Signe Vilstru, that 60’s inspiration again.

I’ve always really loved the work of artist Sam Winson, his ideas are always amazing and creates he the most beautiful imagery. These images are from his project ‘Birthday’ Each circle represents a birth and death over a twelve hour period. You can see more about it on this you tube clip¬†

Jonathan sent me a link to his blog today  he has a lot of really fab work on there, I especially liked these images for their retro Twiggy feel.