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Untitled(GoldAir) Extended Version from Mitch Payne on Vimeo.

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Some new work from Mitch

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I love the elegance of these illustrations

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I really love Wendy Bevans work, the colours and the vintage feel, it’s like looking into the memories of someones past. I think her work has a very dream like quality.

10_2_WinterPlay 2013-08-25_TheLastRaysOfTheDay 2013-09-28_Breaking 2013-01-01_New Years Day 2013-10-13_70'sClassic 2013-03-31_PastelsOfDungeness 2013-11-01_IWannaEatYouUp 2013-04-30_TossIt 2013-06-07_HangingColours 2013-07-18_ShadowGame

Lenka has had a book published of her polaroids ‘I know what I did last year’ and these are some of her shots from it.  You can purchase the book here…

and see more of her work here…

PAPIER36 papier3 papier2 PAPIER5

I love the simplicity of these personal shots by Christophe, you almost want to reach in to rip the paper away to reveal the story beneath.

Serre-dAuteuil-6 Serre-dAuteuil-1 Serre-Tropicale-Jardin-des-Plantes Serre-dAuteuil-2 Serre-dAuteuil-4 Serre-dAuteuil-5 FLEUR-4

I really love these personal shots by Christophe Bouquet, beautifully abstract and painterly. To see more of his work visit his website