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nabil-nezzar-faberge-harrods-portrait-L NabilNezzar-Folio-Illustration-Agency-Fashion-Portrait-Interior-Couture-Sketch-WaterColour-Pencil-LaBelle1-L NabilNezzar-Folio-Illustration-Agency-Fashion-Portrait-Interior-Couture-Sketch-WaterColour-Pencil-Valentine2-L NabilNezzar-Folio-Illustration-Agency-Fashion-Portrait-Interior-Couture-Sketch-WaterColour-Pencil-Fashion-Le Genre-2-L

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Today I met Wendy Carrig, a photographer who has always been a favourite of mine. I absolutely love her work, it has such a beautiful serenity to it but at the same time is full of spirit. It was hard to pick out my favourite shots as there are so many I like! but heres a few that I’m especially liking today.

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I met the Author of the ‘London Art and Artists guide’ last week. After looking at the accompanying website I found these artists that I really like, they are the singh twins.  To see more of their work have a look on their website

and for more information on the ‘London Art and Artists guide’ have a look at this link

you can buy a copy here….

English-Coast-850x566 Flyer-850x566 School-Run-850x566 Adeles-baby-850x566

I met Stephen today, these were some of my favourite shots, I like the narrative within his photography and also the very natural moments he catches.

laurent liotardo- james forbat ENB in teatro regio parma

I just came across this dance photographer, I love this shot of James Forbat from the English national ballet at ‘Teatro Regio’ Palma, you can see more of his work here…

anja Kristine_Froseth_21 isabelle darya

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I met with the lovely Alisa today, here’s a few shots from her folio, check out the rest at