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Manon 24/09/14, Copyright 2014 ROH. Photographed by Alice Pennefather

I saw this ballet last night at the cinema, broadcast live from the Opera house, it was absolutely stunning, beautiful choreography by Kenneth Macmillan. For more information on upcoming performances visit the ROH website.

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I’m working with Trisha at the moment, she’s a very talented photographer. I particularly love these two shoots. See more of her work here

A rather lovely and quite mesmerizing film by Thomas brown

Lovely short film by Liam Saint Pierre

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and on a crafty roll, I also love these embroidered pieces by Stewart Easton

emily tull emily tull1 emily tull 2 emily tull3

I really like these hand sewn pieces, titled ‘Fragments’ and inspired by ancient Egyptian tomb paintings. I love to see a craft used in an original and modern way.