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I just came across these wonderful illustrations by Belinda Claushuis.

SoonSylvieBenoitfashion5 SoonSylvieBenoitfashion3 SoonSylviebenoitfashion2 SoonSylvieBenoitfashion6

I really love these images by Sylvie Benoit, beautiful.

victoria jean

Lovely shots from Davids ‘couples’ series.

suit_3 suit_4

A couple of shots from Davids ‘Suits’ series, beautiful lighting, very atmospheric

ariana gomez

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Beautiful shots, all her work is amazing, she’s a very talented young photographer, take a look on her website.

maurizio anzeri The-embroidered-secrets-of-Maurizio-Anzeri-yatzer-16-650x883 The-embroidered-secrets-of-Maurizio-Anzeri-yatzer-15-650x902 The-embroidered-secrets-of-Maurizio-Anzeri-yatzer-2-650x865

I love these vintage photographs that have been embroidered by Maurizio Anzeri.

As spotted on ‘Used magazine’

cherelle sappleton tumblr_inline_mk7wovWsuh1rf17ev tumblr_inline_mjzdvi8o8E1rf17ev tumblr_inline_mkxulsL2Wb1rf17ev tumblr_inline_mjzdlpvMBQ1rf17ev tumblr_inline_mjzbw8ZBV41rf17ev

As spotted on ‘Used’ magazine