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laurent liotardo- james forbat ENB in teatro regio parma

I just came across this dance photographer, I love this shot of James Forbat from the English national ballet at ‘Teatro Regio’ Palma, you can see more of his work here…

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I always like Ricks work but I particularly like these shots of dancers of the Royal Ballet, so amazing. You can see the rest on his agents website

NPG x14079; Dame Margot Fonteyn by Cecil Beaton fonteyn-beaton screen-shot-2012-03-19-at-18-33-29

I looked through my Cecil Beaton book this weekend and then came across these images of Margot Fonteyn. I love that they are very natural shots of her as many shots of Fonteyn are so posed.

I was shown the work of Rebecca Hoppe by a dancing friend of mine, she had been shot by her. The images were beautiful. Here are a selection of her images